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A Family-Owned and Operated Business

Redemption Home Inspections is a family business founded on the principles of loyalty, hard work, professionalism, and honesty. We are certified through the Professional Home Inspection Institute (PHII).

Our family has always had an interest and involvement in the real estate and construction industries, and we want to share our knowledge with the clients who can benefit from it the most: home buyers.

We seek to create relationships with our clients that only strengthen over time, becoming a trusted resource for them as they become responsible and well-informed homeowners.

A Loyal and Professional Home Inspection Company

Each and every client we work with is important to us, so we never skimp on the quality of service that we offer. Keeping our client’s priorities at the front of our mind during the inspection is an important part of what makes Redemption Home Inspections different from so many other inspection companies out there. Our unbiased reports help guide the decision-making for our clients, and this a responsibility that we don’t take lightly.

Years Experience in Home Construction

15 Years of Construction Industry Experience

We have been heavily involved in the construction industry for 15 years and have a company called Redemption Construction. Our experience includes remodeling projects as well and entirely new builds, so we are confident experts when it comes to understanding a home and determining any issues that may be present on the property. Not only can we identify an issue in the home for you, but we can also help you understand it and the repair process ahead in a way that makes requesting pre-purchase repairs simple.


Why We Started Redemption Home Inspections

In the construction industry, we have seen just how devastating it can be when a problem in the home is left alone. What may seem insignificant at first can grow quickly, becoming the cause of expensive post-purchase repairs that buyers didn’t plan of having to make. We started Redemption Home Inspections so that we could use our own knowledge and experience to help home buyers stay ahead of problems like this and more.

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