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Why Do You Need a Home Inspection?

Home buyers and investors should never underestimate the importance of a professionally completed home inspection. Sellers, even those with honest intentions, have a biased interest in selling their homes quickly and with as little repair work on their part as possible. By hiring Redemption Home Inspections to perform a thorough and non-invasive inspection of the property, home buyers are protecting their own investment and ensuring that they have a professional with an unbiased opinion in their corner.

A home inspection from Redemption Home Inspections will leave you with all of your questions answered honestly and will allow you to get ahead of the issues in the home before they become the source of expensive post-purchase repairs. 

Why You Should Work with Redemption Home Inspections

All home inspection companies have different backgrounds and levels of experience. At Redemption Home Inspections, we are proud to say that our background includes 15 years of experience in the construction industry. We have an excellent understanding of homes and their components, which allows us to properly and honestly convey our concerns about a home to its prospective buyer.

We have built our company on a foundation of loyalty and honesty, always seeking to build and maintain relationships with our clients. You won’t find better communication anywhere else.

Home Inspection Report on Smart Phone

User-Friendly Reports

At Redemption Home Inspections, we generate user-friendly reports using HomeGauge Software and deliver them promptly by email within just 24 hours after we leave the inspected property. These reports contain honest information that helps you better understand a home’s operation and repair needs, along with high-quality photos and video as needed that can aid in your deeper understanding.

Each report is delivered with a tool called the Create Request List™ (CRL)™ which makes it easy for agents and buyers to build and share their repair list. Instead of copying each individual issue into the repair addendum, simply use the report itself to build your list and share it with the seller or another 3rd party without any hassle. 

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